We believe luxury and confidence is within reach with a personalized wedding dress at GBP Bridal.

Gowns by Pamela

-We carry sizes 0-22 in store. Our goal is to have every gown in all of our included sizes so every Bride can have the dress of their dreams. With newer designs, it can take a few months for us to have it in all of our inclusive sizes due to influx of purchase orders or bookings.
-Our rental gowns range from $500-750 for a standard 5 day rental. This includes standard alterations and cleaning, your personalized pieces, and a veil/accessories. Purchased gown range starts from $1,000-2,500, and can have extra costs depending on custom requests and materials.
-We recommend you book an appointment with us at least 3-4 months in advance if you are planning to rent your wedding dress, and 5-6 months in advance if you are planning to purchase your dress. We work on a first-come-first-serve basis, so the sooner you book your appointment, the more options you will have for both a purchased and rental gown.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gown rentals range from $500-750


A rental package includes 5 consecutive days, alterations, veil, and accessories.

Purchased Gown rates start at $1,000-2,500

Pricing includes customizations, veil, and standard alterations.

We have been helping Brides in Utah and all around the United States since 1976. Pamela dreamed of a world where Brides could rent their dress, while still allowing them to customize the pieces they wanted to incorporate within their wedding gown.

Pamela started her business with creating bodices, skirts and sleeves that Brides could pick and choose from. Seamstresses would take those dress pieces and sew them together to create one unique wedding dress.

Our new owner, Taylor has slowly switched to a more 1 piece system, while still allowing Brides to choose their sleeves, veil and accessories. Standard alterations are included in your rental price to beautifully fit the gown to you. 

In late 2021, we started expanding our business and we have grown into offering purchase and rental options for Brides. If you decide to purchase your wedding dress, we will make you a brand new dress from scratch. This way, more customizations are available to you. You can switch necklines, lengths, materials, colors, even laces. (Please note that it usually takes 10-12 weeks to create custom wedding dresses).

 It has been such a pleasure for us to see every Bride shine and customize their gown even further. About 30% of our orders are now purchased custom wedding gowns.

We believe luxury and confidence is in reach with a personalized wedding dress at GBP Bridal.

About Us

I have always had a passion for design. I took over Gowns by Pamela from Pamela and David Weight in January 2020 after working with them for years as a seamstress. I learned how to design wedding gowns during that time.  

My favorite aspect of designing is finding the bride a dress was designed for. When I sit down with my sketch book, I can see the bride in my mind as the dress is created. When the right woman tries on the finished gown, everything clicks into place. It is an amazing experience when a bride says "Yes!" to the dress!

Meet the Designer – Taylor